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亚博直播平台:贝尼特斯:带着自信面对比赛 需平衡新老球员出场

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Netease Sports reported in Dalian on October 30:


At 14:00 on October 30th, a press conference before the match between Tianjin TEDA and Dalianers was held in Dalian. Dalian coach Benitez said, "We prepared for this game with confidence and see how we will perform during the game." TEDA coach


When introducing the team’s preparations, Benitez said, “It must be a tough game. We need to score goals and we need to play the game to our advantage. We prepare for this game with confidence. See how we will behave in the game, hope we can get the chance in the game as always. This kind of game is very difficult, because we may have a certain degree of slack in concentration after we succeeded in relegation, but this is also We are now starting to want to change what we want, hoping that we can create and create an enterprising spirit and the belief in winning. Even when the importance of the game is not as important as in the past, we will do our best to make the game good."


Benitez said, "We have been working hard for a while, and sometimes there will be some mistakes on the court, and sometimes the performance on the court is not satisfactory. We have formulated a combat policy before the game and hope that everyone can follow the combat policy. Execution. We are still confident to see how we will perform tomorrow. Just now


Shan Huanhuan has been unable to play for one and a half seasons after joining. Benitez said, “For us, it is our main goal. This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the competition system is different from the past. It is also a test for young players. I hope that young players can show their abilities and give us something, while at the same time we have to maintain a balance. Shan Huanhuan has been plagued by injuries for a long time and is still in the reserve team. Actively recover and restore his physical strength. I hope he can recover little by little and return to the team, but it will take a certain amount of time. It is not easy to return to the team under temporary circumstances. I am very satisfied with the team. The hard work, hard work and physical fitness of young players in China. We have been mentioning the balance between new and old players. Old players like Zhao Xuri have been training hard, and may be affected by their age, but their physical condition It’s still very good. He still has the ability to play well. He is also a role model for all players in training. I also hope that other players will use this as a role model, and his understanding of the game is also very good."


Zhao Xuri said, “These two days are mainly for the opponent to prepare for the next game. Our players are also ready and confident, hoping to win the next game. After losing the previous game 0-2, the score was against us. It’s not very advantageous, but what I want to say is that the format of the game is two rounds, and there is one 90 minutes. I think many unimaginable things will happen in this 90 minutes. We also have the confidence and the courage to win. The game is won. Everyone knows that our team is very young and there are more young players. Maybe they are not so good in game experience and on-the-spot understanding. How to improve? I think let them go to the game more. Constantly improve and improve one's shortcomings during the game."


When introducing the team’s preparations, Wang Baoshan said, “Through the first round of the match against the Dalian people, we had an uneven number of foreign players and used a lot of young players who had played less in the previous games. The players performed very well on the field and also scored. We have a very good lead, especially in terms of running during the race, which created the best data of the year. These days we have summarized and analyzed the first round of the game. At the same time, we have targeted In the last game, young players who played less in the game were used, and individual tactics were not played out. We hope that in this game, based on the summary of the last round of the game, we can better perform the exercises and requirements. show out."


Regarding Suarez’s and Lima’s injuries, Wang Baoshan said, “Suarez came to the team late, and he participated in two relegation matches within 5 days. He suffered a physical strain. In this case, we have to There is a great risk to protect him and let him play again. Lima's situation is improving. I am not sure if he can play tomorrow. I think we are a team and we can see the youth through the last game. Players and players who played relatively little under the leadership of veteran players like Zheng Kaimu showed good fighting spirit and game style."


Regarding the recent situation of Ahmedov’s father, Wang Baoshan said, “The message I received yesterday is: I am out of danger temporarily, but only temporarily. People are getting older, and some situations are hard to say, so we still keep close contact there. And communicate."


Zheng Kaimu said, "We have a 2-0 lead now. I think we should forget this score and go all out to play tomorrow's game. If we feel that we have advanced to the 2-0 score, then it is very dangerous. The first is to forget the score. Go all out to fight for tomorrow's game. Because tomorrow's game may not be very tidy, our foreign players are all young players, everyone continues the momentum of the previous game on the field to achieve better results."

郑开木说:“我们现在以2-0领先。我认为我们应该忘记这个比分,全力以赴明天的比赛。如果我们认为我们已经提高到2-0的比分亚博直播平台,那就非常危险了。首先是忘记得分,全力为明天的比赛而战,因为明天的比赛亚博直播间可能不是很整齐,我们的外国球员都是年轻球员,每个人都继续前场比赛的势头以取得更好的成绩。 ”

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