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Zhang wailong


   The second stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League will kick off next Friday. Chongqing Dangdai will go to the Suzhou division on the 12th to participate in the championship competition. At 10 am on the 11th, the team completed the last training before the game at the Yanghe Training Base. According to upstream news Chongqing Morning Post reporter, the team will depart after breakfast on the 12th and is expected to arrive in the Suzhou Division at noon. Before the training began, Chongqing Contemporary coach Zhang Wailong accepted an interview with upstream journalists. When talking about the team's tasks in the second phase, Zhang Wailong said he would "challenge to the end."

2020年中国超级联赛的第二阶段将于下周五开始。重庆当代将于12日前往苏州赛区参加冠军赛。 11月10日上午10点,球队在比亚博直播间赛前在洋河训练基地完成了最后一次训练。根据上游新闻《重庆早报》记者的报道,该团队将于12日早餐后出发,预计将在中午到达苏州分部。在培训开始之前,重庆当代教练张外龙接受了上游记者的采访。在谈到团队在第二阶段的任务时,张外龙说他将“挑战最终。”


   Team training


   The second stage of the Chinese Super League is about to begin. Although there is still a certain gap between the strength of Chongqing Modern and the championship teams of Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai SIPG, the team still maintains the determination to go all out. When talking about the team’s goal in the second phase, Zhang Wailong succinctly said five words in a decisive tone: "Challenge to the end!" It is understood that the team has now begun to prepare for the Jiangsu Suning game on the 11th. In the training, there are drills aimed at opponents in technical and tactical aspects.


   However, the Polish foreign aid Adrian, known as the team's "midfield engine", was loaned to Guangzhou R&F. This has a great impact on Chongqing Contemporary, and it also brings some difficulty to the team's "challenge to the end" goal. As the team coach, has Zhang Wailong found a suitable replacement? "To be honest, there is really no one among the current personnel who can replace Adrian's position. But other players are still working very hard. I believe that other players can play a good role in his position in terms of offense. "

但是,波兰外援阿德里安(Adrian)被称为广州队的“中场引擎”,被借给了广州富力。这对重庆当代有亚博直播平台很大的影响,也给球队的“挑战终点”目标带来了一些困难。作为队长,张外龙有没有找到合适的人选? “说实话,当前人员中没有人能取代阿德里安的职位。但是其他球员仍在努力工作。我相信其他球员在进攻方面可以发挥良好的作用。”

   Team training




As for the training for the newcomers in the second stage, Zhang Wailong said: “We should prepare for the most important first game first. For the first game against Jiangsu Suning, we will go all out and see if we will give it after these two games. Opportunity for young players."



   Zhang Wailong summarizes the first stage experience


  While talking about the goal of the second stage, Zhang Wailong also summarized the reason why the team "can counterattack with six consecutive victories and finally enter the championship group" in the first stage.


   Zhang Wailong revealed that foreign players and domestic players are actively preparing before the start of the league. But at the time, I mainly thought: As long as the all-China team plays the first two games, I believe that they will be integrated soon after the return of foreign aid, and there will be no problems in the subsequent games. Surprisingly, because foreign players have not played for too long and the cooperation with domestic players lacks tacit understanding, the first seven games did not play well.




In the end, he was able to win six consecutive victories. Zhang Wailong believes that in addition to the support of the club and staff, the unity of the players and the coaching staff, the team has found the best form, and also specifically mentioned some changes in the team’s technical and tactical aspects. . "This year, other teams are very familiar with the characteristics of our foreign aid, and they have done a good job in suppressing our foreign aid. But we also made adjustments in the game, such as Feng Jin from the side to the middle, Adrian from the From the middle to the right and so on, some targeted changes have also been made."

最终,他获得了六连冠。张外龙认为,除了俱乐部和员工的支持,球员和教练组的团结之外,球队已经找到了最好的状态,并特别提到了球队在技术和战术方面的一些变化。 。 “今年,其他球队非常熟悉我们的外援的特点,他们在抑制我们的外援方面做得很好。但是我们也在比赛中进行了调整,例如从侧面到中间的冯进, Adrian从中间到右边等等,还进行了一些有针对性的更改。”



"For example, Huang Xiyang and Chen Jie played a very good role in the offensive and defensive balance of the hub. At the beginning of the league, Huang Xiyang did not start because of some injuries. Later, he was injured and played a very good role on the court. In general, we have achieved such a good result. This result was achieved because of the balance of offense and defense, no offense, coupled with Yuan Mincheng's defensive performance." Zhang Wailong continued.






   In the first stage of the match, two local veterans Wu Qing and Huang Xiyang in the Chongqing Contemporary team got a lot of opportunities to play. Huang Xiyang became the team's starting candidate in the second half with his 35-year-old "advanced age". Wu Qing, 38, also belongs to the "big brother" level among all Chinese Super League players.

在比赛的第一阶段,重庆当代队的两名当地老将吴清和黄希洋获得了很多比赛机会。黄希洋凭借亚博直播间其35岁的“高龄”在下半年成为球队的首发候选人。 38岁的吴清(Wu Qing)在所有中国超级联赛球员中也属于“老大哥”级别。

   Regarding these two people, Zhang Wailong said: With their current physical condition, they can still keep kicking. "First of all, as the old players, the two iconic Chongqing football players, their performance in training, their current physical condition, and the management of their own requirements as professional players are not a problem. They can still play Chongqing youth football training plays an exemplary role. As the head coach, if the two of them don't have major injuries or voluntarily propose to retire, they can continue to play with their current attitude and physical condition."

关于这两个人,张外龙说:以目前的身体状况,他们仍然可以继续踢下去。 “首先,作为老牌球员,两位标志性的重庆足球运动员,他们在训练中的表现,他们目前的身体状况以及对自己作为职业运动员的要求管理都没有问题。他们仍然可以参加重庆青年足球训练作为总教练,如果他们两个没有重伤或自愿提出退休,他们可以继续以目前的态度和身体状况进行比赛。”



   Similarly, Chongqing natives Wei Xin and Qiu Weiguo also joined the first team this year. Wei Xin is the team leader and head of the Chinese coaching staff, and Qiu Weiguo is the Chinese assistant coach. This is the first time the two have cooperated with Zhang Wailong. When talking about these two "new members", Zhang Wailong said, "I only met these two this year. Whether they are in training or in life, they manage the team very well. You can see these in the results of the stage."

同样,重庆本地人魏欣和邱卫国也加入了今年的一线队。魏欣是中国队教练组长兼负责人,邱伟国是中国助理教练。这是两国首次与张外龙合作。在谈到这两个“新成员”时,张外龙说:“我今年才认识这两个人。无论他们在训练还是生活上,他们对团队的管理都非常好。您可以在舞台上看到这些。 ”

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