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The five major leagues have started for some time. Although fans have encountered strict restrictions on admission, the exciting games are very enjoyable even if they are watched at home. In two days, the Champions League matches and Europa League matches will be staged one after another, and fans will be able to see the demeanor of the stars. However, if you carefully check the current five major league standings, you will find a rare peculiar scene, that is, the league champions of the previous season did not rank first. Everyone seems to think that the first place is a hot potato, no one wants to bump.


In the offseason, when Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and other giants competed for reinforcements, fans knew that the competition in the Premier League would be more fierce in the new season, but they did not expect that these strong teams did not reach the heights they should have, instead they were considered Teams without a championship stand out. As the league champion of last season, when Liverpool achieved three consecutive victories at the beginning of the season, it is believed that many fans have confirmed their message of defending the league title, because Liverpool defeated powerful enemies Chelsea and Arsenal in the first three rounds. However, the situation changed afterwards. Liverpool was first brutally tortured at Villa Park and suffered a humiliating defeat 2-7; and was tied in the Merseyside derby, losing two consecutive rounds, leaving the team missed the summit. League standings. Even if the state is not good, the team has also lost a few generals. The midfielder Thiago will miss several games due to injury. Defensive support Van Dijk will need knee surgery. The return date is uncertain. (It is said that the Dutch iron guard has to recover the number of injuries. month). I have to say that Liverpool's experience is a bit miserable.

在休赛期,当切尔西,曼联,利物浦和其他巨人争夺增援时,球迷们知道英超联赛在新赛季的竞争会更加激烈,但是他们并不认为这些强大的球队没有达到顶峰他们应该有,相反,他们被认为是没有冠军的团队。作为上赛季的联赛冠军,当利物浦在赛季初连续三场夺冠时,人们相信许多球迷已经确认了捍卫联赛冠军的消息,因为利物浦在前三轮中击败了强大的敌人切尔西和阿森纳。但是,情况随后发生了变化。利物浦首先在比利亚公园遭受酷刑,并以2-7惨败告终。并且在默西塞德郡德比赛中被并列,连续两轮失败,使球队无缘登顶。联赛排名。即使状态不好,球队也失去了几位将军。由于受伤,中场蒂亚戈将缺席数场比赛。防守支持Van Dijk将需要进行膝盖手术。返回日期不确定。 (据说,荷兰铁卫队必须追偿受伤人数。)我不得不说,利物浦的经历有些悲惨。

In poor condition, it can be recovered by the game; the main player is seriously injured and the trouble is a bit big. Next, Liverpool must be ready to buy, because Van Dijk is too important to the team, it is impossible to buy a suitable replacement, only to minimize the impact of Van Dijk's absence. It will be difficult to defend the title without checking the missing parts. All in all, Liverpool's road to defending the title is a long way to go.


Last season, Real Madrid defeated Barcelona to win the league championship, which is considered to be proud. In the new season, Real Madrid's goal is to defend their title and continue to suppress their old opponents. It's a pity that things went counterproductive. At the beginning of the new season, Real Madrid's state was not good and the team's offense and defense were very weak. In the just-concluded sixth round of La Liga, Real Madrid accidentally lost to Cádiz at home. If Courtois hadn't played bravely, Zidane's team would have lost even worse. Although the team won 3 games in the first 5 games of the new season, the winning process was not easy. On the surface, 1 point behind is nothing, but you have to know that Atletico, Barcelona, ​​Sevilla and other strong teams have one less game. If these teams all win, then the Galacticos ranking will fall again.


In the offseason, when other teams are buying people crazy, Real Madrid, which has always been lavish, turned into an iron cock. The team has maintained the original team. Although there are loan players returning, the aging of the lineup will still keep the team in There were problems in the next game. Coupled with the ambitions of Atletico this season, Barcelona want to shame it, Real Madrid is very difficult to defend.


Before the start of the new season, Juventus changed the team a lot. On the whole, the strength of the Bianconeri is increasing. However, Juventus under Pirlo did not show the expected strength. Facing Roma, the team has always been passive. Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s score, the team barely scored 1 point. Facing the promoted Marco Rotone, the team even gave away points at the beginning, although Morata later The score was tied, but the team still couldn't take all three points. After 4 rounds, Juventus' rankings are getting lower and lower, and now they can't even enter the Champions League. Such a situation made the fans a little unexpected.

在新赛季开始之前,尤文图斯改变了很多球队。总体而言,Bianconeri的实力正在增强。但是,皮尔洛领导下的尤文图斯并没有表现出预期的实力。面对罗姆人,球队一直都很被动。多亏了克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)的得分,球队才勉强获得1分。面对晋升的马可·罗托内(Marco Rotone),球队甚至在一开始就放弃了积分,尽管莫拉塔(Morata)后来的比分并列,但球队仍然无法拿走全部三分。经过四轮比赛,尤文图斯的排名越来越低,现在他们甚至无法进入欧洲冠军联赛。这种情况使球迷有些意外。

Although Juventus have been tied continuously, Pirlo's coaching ability is still quite good. He dared to use new players, dared to change, and achieved certain results. The main reason for Juventus’ weak performance is its lack of combat power. Many of the team’s main players, such as Ronaldo, Dybala, Ramsey, Dericht, etc., have been exempted from the game because of one or other things, which has a great impact. . If these players can return in time, then the road to defending the old woman will be relatively easy. It can be said unceremoniously that the Bianconeri will still be one of the favorites in the league, and the teams that pose a threat to it seem to have encountered problems. Of course, if AC Milan is strong all the way to the end, there will be no way.

尽管尤文图斯一直处于并列状态,但皮尔洛的教练能力仍然相当出色。他敢于使用新球员,敢于改变,并取得了一定的成绩。尤文图斯表现不佳的主要原因是缺乏战斗力。球队的许多主要球员,例如罗纳尔多,迪巴拉,拉姆齐,德里奇等,都因为一项或多项其他事情而被免除了比赛,这产生了很大的影响。 。如果这些球员能够及时返回,那么捍卫老妇的道路将相对容易。毫不客气地说,比安科内利仍将是联盟中的热门之一,对其构成威胁的球队似乎遇到了问题。当然,如果AC米兰一直坚强到底,那就没有办法。

Recently, Bayern can be said to be proud. The team has won the "five crowns" on all fronts. If the Club World Cup is held as scheduled, it should not be a problem for the Nanda King to win the "six crowns". However, in the new season, the Bundesliga giants have suffered a blow. In the second round of the league, the team was slammed by Hoffenheim; in the third round of the league, he almost overturned. Fortunately, in the last two games, the team has recovered its form and kept advancing with great victories.


The reason why Bayern was beaten in the league was mainly because of the loss of signings. During the offseason, the team sent away many players, but basically did not introduce players, resulting in a weak lineup. Many main players On this basis, I had to work overload. On the day before the transfer window closed, Bayern began to sign up a lot and signed several at one go. Nowadays, Bayern is on the right track with a neat lineup, and there is no doubt that the Bundesliga is still the king of the South. It may only be a matter of time before Bayern defends their title.


After losing to Bayern in the UEFA Champions League final, all the soldiers of Greater Paris suffered a major blow. They were so close to the Champions League, but they still failed to make history. To make matters worse, it didn’t take long for the major players in Paris to be infected with the new crown virus, so that the Ligue 1 local tyrants at the beginning of the new season played very badly. The first two rounds of the team lost consecutively and the points were once Bottom. However, Paris, which suffered a two-game losing streak, has rebounded strongly in the last few games and won a wave of five consecutive victories. The last two games have also won big wins.

在欧洲冠军联赛决赛中输给拜仁之后,大巴黎的所有士兵都遭受了重大打击。他们离冠军联赛太近了,但是他们仍然没有创造历史。更糟的是,巴黎的主要玩家很快就感染了新的冠状病毒,因此新赛季开始时的Ligue 1土豪就表现非常糟糕。球队的前两轮连续失败,积分曾经是最低点。然而,经历了两连败的巴黎在过去的几场比赛中强劲反弹,并赢得了连续五场胜利的浪潮。最后两场比赛也取得了重大胜利。

In a dominant French Ligue 1, even if Paris is to pull the hips again, the team is also the biggest favorite to win the championship. Not to look down on other teams, it does not have the capital to compete with Paris. With the blessing of Neymar and Mbappe, it is difficult for the team not to win, and these two players are a good time to increase the ball in the new season. Obviously, as long as the team is healthy, the new season's league championship is still Greater Paris.

在占统治地位的法国Ligue 1中,即使巴黎再次屈膝,这支球队也是赢得冠军的最大宠儿。不要小看其他球队,它没有与巴黎竞争的资本。有了内马尔和姆巴佩的祝福,这支球队很难获胜,这两位球员是在新赛季增加球的好时机。显然,只要球队健康,新赛季的联赛冠军仍然是大巴黎。

In the Premier League, competition is still the fiercest; in La Liga, the intensity of competition is second; in Serie A and Bundesliga, the intensity of competition is equal, followed closely; in Ligue 1, the intensity of competition is the lowest. . What's interesting is that if Juventus and Bayern can successfully defend their titles, the old woman will create an unprecedented "ten consecutive championships" in the five major leagues, and the Nanda king will also get a meaningful "nine consecutive championships." In other words, will the defending champion lose the chain? Let time reveal everything.

在英超联赛中,比赛仍然是最激烈的。在西甲,竞争强度排名第二。在意甲和德甲,竞争强度是相等的,紧随其后;在《联赛1》中,竞争强度最低。 。有趣的是,如果尤文图斯和拜仁能够成功捍卫自己的头衔,这位老妇人将在五个大联盟中创造前所未有的“十连冠”,而南达国王还将获得有意义的“九连冠”。换句话说,卫冕冠军会失去连锁吗?让时间揭示一切。

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